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Welcome to the house of Handbuilt Tone! 

Thanks to the tremedous flood in business, I need to extend my lead time to 16 - 18 weeks.   I will be available to answer questions as always . . . please contact me at any time with any questions regarding product lead-times or product features.


This is NOT a huge corporation, driven by a quarterly report.

This is one man (one woman, two dogs and a cat) doing everything I can to make the finest tone enhancements in the world.  Every item is made to order for the individual - no boosters sitting under heat lamps here!

Take a few minutes and walk around - browse the shelves and please be sure to ask me any questions you might have .... I am here to help.

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Thanks for stopping by!  If you have any comments regarding the Web Site .... or if you find any errors or omissions (there are bound to be a few I missed), please send an email and we will clear it up!


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Joe (Retroman)


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