About Us

Thanks again for visiting Retroman Music!

I hope you find we are nothing like any other store/manufacturer .... that is a top goal.  We are doing everything we can to be different - from our selection of highest quality components, to hand sewn (by us) flannel carry bags and our second-to-none personal service .... every step we make is with YOU in mind.

Why Retroman?  What we offer:

Unmatched value - our quality is second to none and is offered at prices that leave most folks in the dust.  How can we do it?  Simple - we do it all - every step - every process - EVERYTHING - ourselves.  No farming out of any production step - Paint?  We do it!   Board Fabrication?  We do it!   Component placement and soldering?  You know who ...  It is all about providing the best service, quality and delivery with no shortcuts or handoffs -

Where we ship:

Everywhere!  .... though we have not shipped to Antarctica yet ....



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