Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions I receive - Of course, don't be shy to contact me with any others you might have!

Some of those customs are really cool!!! How do I get a Custom Color?

Just Ask!  Seriously, send me an email to describe what you have in mind and I will help you determine the "level" of cost (Tier A or Tier B) - Tier A ($20) is a basic color change, not swirls or splatters - Tier B ($40) covers the rest.  Multiple pedal purchases are generally offered reduced rates.

How long will it take to build my pedal(s)?

The current build lead-time is about 16 - 18 weeks, due to a tremendous load of orders - all orders are produced and shipped in order of receipt - of course, my update emails to you will keep you abreast of the status .... and you can always contact me to check in on the progress.

Will you ship to (fill in your homeland here)?

YES!  We ship to every continent .... well, we are still waiting on Antarctica - If you receive postal service, we can ship there.  We generally ship via Global Priority Mail or Express Mail Services.  Both services offer tremendous service and your purchases are fully insured during transit.  Of course, any customs fees or import taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.

What is the difference between your AC188 and NKT275 transistors?

Let me answer that with these tidbits from actual emails to customers asking the same question:

Transistor Preference: the AC188 is a fine sounding Germanium transistor .... very organic with excellent cleanup. While the Sybil can get nasty, it is not meant as a high gain fuzz - it is a lower to moderate gain (when not stacked) and can impart tones ranging from a mild boost through overdrive to more of a fuzz roar into a higher gain amp.

The NKT275 if offered for those who demand the "originals", so to speak. I won't ship a bad sounding unit (sputtery, nasty noise, etc.), so it comes down to the "mojo factor". Every transistor, regardless of its stripes, goes through electrical parameter testing, ear (hiss level and tone) tests as well as a 24 hour (minimum) burn-in to cull out any transistors with
attitude issues.

AC188 sounds fantastic, NKT275 available for the mojo hounds - tone difference between the two: very small - NKT may have a bit more fullness, but it is not a night/day difference, to my ear.

My opinion - It is not a "million dollar difference", as some might claim. They (selected NKT275) have a slightly fuller tone, but just slightly.  Compensations in Tone settings on the Sybil will have more of an impact, in my humble opinion. I am not trying to talk you out of it, but a lot of the "mojo" hype is just that (hype) - I offer the option for those who really want it, but I will never push it or try to "sell" it.