The Ultimate Germanium Booster

 Beano AC188 ($170.00)   -                                    
 Beano CV7003 ($180.00) -                                    
 Beano NKT275 ($185.00)  -                                   

BeanoA correct recreation of the original Dallas design, updated for lower noise and greater tonal flexibility....choice is good!

Only metal film resistors (1%) and film capacitors are employed to insure the lowest noise possible.

All of my rare as hen's teeth NEW OLD STOCK AC188, NKT275 and EX-RAF CV7003 (based on availability) transistors are tested for proper electrical parameters before being subjected to my "ear test". Only 15-20% of all of the transistors that I test will be allowed inside.

The same care and attention goes into every Beano as when I started hand-crafting and selling these crazy guys back in 2002 (to clarify, that is a full year before another very similarly named boost pedal came to market).

Well, what are the controls?

Drive - On the right...turn it clockwise for greater levels of boost. Also, this knob does double duty as a power switch. This way, you can keep all your pedals plugged in on your board and simply turn the knob all the way counter-clockwise to power off... or keep it “on” and unplug the input jack (that is also switched)’s all up to you. This is a standard feature on all   pedals.
“Tone Tuner” - 4-way input tone controller. This selects one of four capacitors to shape the tone of the effect. The #4 (most clockwise) position is the “original” tone shape, with the selections to the left containing incrementally less treble content. These shapes were chosen by ear to be useful, not plentiful - I could have put in 12 choices.... but there is always beauty in simplicity (and effectiveness).
“Hiss Buster” - a high end roll-off - counterclockwise, it’s out of the circuit - Roll it clockwise, and the highest end content is gradually rolled off. Most users love it as an additional tone shaper - It’s a bonus -

SOUNDS GREAT ... AND IT HAS LOOKS TO MATCH!  Of course, you want a good looking box (I know I do). Depth of care needs to be shown in all steps of a process, so I spend a few hours just finishing your Beano - every box is filed, sanded and solvent etched prior to application of powder coating. Durable and beautiful - a worthy mate to what I have hidden inside.