Germanium Fuzz and Silicon Fuzz/Octave

 Hi Octone ($240.00) -                                

HiOctoneAnother Retroman original!  Many thanks to Charlie Hunter for the inspiration!

This isn’t really one pedal, but two in one box!

The Left side is basically ½ of the renowned Retroman “Sybil” …… Powered by two NOS (New Old Stock) AC188 Germanium transistors, this is the flavor of the old original Fuzz Faces. Organic, in a word.

The Right side is filled with a Retroman “Octavious!” ….. I think I see the Jimi fans doing the math. Yes, this combo will definitely get you to Jimi-land, but it’s more than that.

What’s that toggle? Well, that allows YOU to select the order of these two tone tools. The lever indicates the routing order. Pointing to the Right means that the Fuzz is driving Octave/Fuzz. Likewise, if the lever is pointing to the Left, the Ocatve/Fuzz is driving the ½ Sybil.

Individually selectable?  Absolutely! (each with its own LED indicator)

Want to go over the controls? Here’s a graphic to help guide the way…..


Other Goodies:

Fuzz Control doubles as a power switch! Turn all the way anti-clockwise and “Click” – power is off! Keep everything plugged in and save your battery – A Retroman original touch.

DC Power adapter jack – I prefer to use a battery, but maybe you want to use a power supply …. that’s why every Retroman pedal includes a DC power supply jack. Be sure any power supply is highly filtered, as high gain devices will amplify any and all sources of noise.