The sweet Analog Tone we want....  with flexibility we need ....

KopyKat Delay   ($230.00) -                                          
(For Superior Operation, use a 11-12V DC - 100mA Supply)
KopyKat Power Supply ($11.50) -                              





Delay Length: 10 - 1100+ms ! Set each "channel" to the delay length you would like .... and kick between the two with the A/B switch! the small toggle below each delay knob select the range ... short (10 - 600ms) or long (600 - 1100ms For the more ethereal repeats) - we are challenging the S/N ratio capabilities of the digital chip here, but the love for the longer, gritty repeats drove this feature. Longer delays will feature greater grit.

Built-in Effects Loop (Retroman Value Added Feature):  Allows outside effects to be placed on either the Dry or Wet signal. This is selectable via an external toggle switch. In addition, you can elect to use the loop "Send" in conjunction with the "Output" to split the Dry and Wet signals to two amplifiers!

Adjustable "Sweetness" (Retroman Value Added Feature): Alter the personality of the delay though this adjustable filter matrix. Full clockwise offers very clean, bright repeats .... as one moves the knob to the left, the timbre becomes more mellow and eventually "dirty-head" dark.

True Compander circuitry (Retroman exclusive): I can't think of another who includes this critical element in conjunction with a digital engine - As in the vintage AD and DM delays (among others), the KopyKat (RE-1) features a complete audio companding circuit to further round and compress the tonality of the repeats. If you want glassy repeats, look elsewhere - an SDE-1000 may be more to your liking.

Expression Pedal Jack: Control the number of repeats, from one to runaway! Use of a Roland EV-5 or equivalent is recommended.

No Battery: That's right - AC adaptor only. For best operation, use a 12V DC power supply, as there is primary regulation to smooth to 9V DC - I can supply a suitable wall wart power supply (above). Batteries would drain far too quickly, given that the internal circuitry features a voltage pump for better headroom.

Self Oscillate? YES! All of the Spaceship / Ray Gun nastiness that you might want.