Octave / Ring Mod / Insanity

 Scram ($165.00) -                                                           

ScramA He's Back!!! And only 1/2 the size!

It's a Fuzz! It's an Octave! It's a Ring Modulator! It's all that (and a bag 'o chips....crisps for my friends across the pond!) -

After a lot of fun with the prototypes, here is my wild, bulletproof version of the original inimitable Ampeg Scrambler - roll up!!!!!


TEXTURE - So many fantastic colors..........flavors and hues to trip the mind!

BALANCE - So cool - blend from "zero" to infinity of the effected tones with the dry signal - amazingly effective. In addition, this knob acts as your power switch. This way, you can keep all your pedals plugged in on your board and simply turn the knob all the way counter-clockwise to power off... or keep it “on” and unplug the input jack (that is also switched)’s all up to you.

The circuit is only “live” when the Balance control is turned above 0... If the Balance is clicked "off", the effected output will be zero (no sound). Turn the knob clockwise (click) and light some incense. . . .

TRUE BYPASS - When the effect is “out” of the loop your signal passes from input jack to output jack unscathed.

LED Indicator - in a tres cool shade of Ocean Green! In case you need a reminder that the green weenie is in the loop - -

DC Power Jack - All products also include an DC Adapter socket, for ease of pedal board use. Now, my personal opinion is "use a Carbon/Zinc battery...quiet and pure". That said, many prefer the convenience of a pedal board supply.  This is a NEGATIVE PIN jack (like Boss and others). Please use a dedicated AC adapter (or a unit with isolated and filtered outputs) to insure noiseless operation.