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Ultimate Germanium / Silicon Fuzz

 Sybil - Classic - AC188 Transistors ($240.00)
 Sybil - Classic - NKT275 Transistors ($270.00)  
 Sybil - "Two Switch" -  AC188 ($250.00)      
 Sybil - "Two Switch" - NKT275 ($280.00)

Sybil Classic and Two Switch

A Retroman Original!

We all dig the early Fuzz Face tones .... Germanium .... Organic .... dripping like honey.  But, then again, we have Jimi! and Eric!  with that biting silicon drive that makes a violin weep in jealousy… What to do, what to do…..

GET BOTH! The Sybil is both, more and then some.

Channel 1 – Silicon:  A complete FF style circuit, only tweaked for better response and output. Hand tuned bias - set once, during build, by me - for optimal response. These are not "crazy gain" noise makers - I am hand selecting and gain verifying every silicon transistor used...placing in "mismatched pairs" to get us that asymmetrical distortion we all love.

Channel 2 – Germanium:   Featuring New Old Stock AC-188 transistors. For those in the know, these are some of the sweetest sounding FF transistors available anywhere. The lower voltage cousin of the AC-128 (used in the originals), these have the tone that leaves no want. I have supplied these same bits for years to individuals (sorry, no longer) looking to upgrade their FF to a better tone.

NOTE - NKT275 are available as an option!

PLUS….you get this –

Tone Control:  These are NOT passive, after the fact, roll-off controls. These are actually a sort of variable input capacitor. This shapes the tone before processing…very powerful. Full anti-clockwise allows the greatest amount of bass content through – this sounds best with bright single coils at mild fuzz settings. Full clockwise limits the amount of bass. 12:00 is approximately the "standard" tone of a classic FF.

On the Sybil "Classic" .... you get a "Parallel / Series" switch Parallel Mode – Choose what you use - ONLY the Si side… or ONLY the Ge side… or BLEND your favorite mix of a Ge and Si Fuzz. It’s all up to you!!!!

Series Mode - Sheer insanity! Drive the Ge side with the output of the Si side – Careful here…. Tons of mayhem awaits. A boiling potion of destructive beauty or a cacophonous apocalypse for your senses.

On the Sybil "Two Switch" .... you get a "Routing" switch.  The direction of the switch is the direction of the signal routing, when both channels are engaged ..... so you can run the Silicon channel into the Germanium .... or the Germanium side into the Silicon! In addition, on the "Two Switch", each channel is individually selectable!

Other Goodies:

Tone Control doubles as a power switch! Turn all the way anti-clockwise and “Click” – power is off! Keep everything plugged in and save your battery – A Retroman original touch.

DC Power adapter jack – I prefer to use a battery, but maybe you want to use a power supply …. that’s why every Retroman pedal includes a DC power supply jack. Be sure any power supply is highly filtered, as high gain devices will amplify any and all sources of noise.