Flexible MkIII Tones

ToneZilla  ($175.00) -                                                      

ToneZillaSince you have come this far, you know what this is all about .... but allow me to fill in the lines a bit:  Only New Old Stock Transistors  (Q3 chosen from a stash of Mullard, Philips, Valvo and NKT sweeties) are used in the ToneZilla.

Even though I use original PNP transistors, the ToneZilla is indeed a Negative ground pedal ..... so you could run the TZ off a common power supply with your other pedals .... BUT - I still think these Germanium beasties sound best with an old-school Carbon/Zinc battery .... and any power supply will add noise (who wants that?) - BONUS!  You can turn the power off with the Volume control .... so a battery should last 6 months or more!


Volume - this is the OUTPUT to your amp - this is not a "turn to 11 for unity" control .... please be cautious! And, as in ALL RETROMAN PEDALS, you have the power off control integrated! Turn all the way to the left and "CLICK" - Power is off!

Pre-Gain - think of this as a preamp volume - I integrated this control to add a whole new dimension to the TZ .... this allows you to control the fire through the lower gain stages and provides an incredible range of colors when used in conjunction with the Fuzz control.

Fuzz - This is Part II of the gain stage flow - this is the control that really delivers the meat - not for the faint of heart when maxed.

Tone - Well, I bet you know what this does! Anything from full bottom rattle to brassy buzz -

ANOTHER BONUS! ......a selectable input capacitor for even more tone shaping! This has a socket - I install the median value and 2 others are supplied for your experimentation.