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Vintage fuzz and octave tones ....

 Wolf Tone Machine ($170.00) -                                   

Wolf Tone MachineIs it time to unleash some Octave Madness? Then it is time for the Wolf Tone Machine!
Originals of this ultra-rare (and very cool) pedal are demanding eyeteeth as down payments - I have seen them go for $500+ ... nuts!

We can all agree that the prices on most vintage and many "boo-teek" pedals is plain crazy. That's why  is here - high quality "boo-teek" + reasonable pricing = your best value.

I use only the original spec (now obsolete) "Button Top" 2N3565 transistors, fully tested and sorted for gain. The other components are also of the highest quality: retina frying Ultra-blue LED indicators, high quality 3PDT switches (for TRUE BYPASS), metal film 1% resistors, silver solder, New Old Stock 1N34A germanium diodes, cool powder coat finishes, and the build quality is second to none.


VOLUME – Careful with this one….go much above 9:00 and you are dealing with a volcano!

TONE – Extremely versatile, dishing up just the right amount of bite or growl – A bit of play and you will find Jimi or Bachman (Or you!).

SUSTAIN – this thing can go for days….and very useful and very cool interplay between the Volume and Sustain controls.

Note that there are TWO footswitches! One is your TRUE BYPASS WITH INDICATOR – Hard not to notice when this baby is steaming, but just in case your ears drop out, I have included a eye-searing blue LED to remind you “Hey! It’s on!” The second footswitch allows you to add an OCTAVE ABOVE! Yes, just like the original….only better! You can kick it in or out on the fly!!!! And to top it off, I HAVE ADDED ANOTHER LED TO INDICATE “OCTAVE IN”! As an added bonus, this lamp will stay on when the beast is bypassed, so you know what you’re in for when you stomp it in….

Other Goodies:

Tone Control doubles as a power switch! Turn all the way anti-clockwise and “Click” – power is off! Keep everything plugged in and save your battery – A Retroman original touch.

DC Power adapter jack – I prefer to use a battery, but maybe you want to use a power supply …. that’s why every Retroman pedal includes a DC power supply jack. Be sure any power supply is highly filtered, as high gain devices will amplify any and all sources of noise.